Being in the Presence of God: Where Christian and Celtic Spirituality Join

Anglican Diocese of Calgary (The)

The annual Images of Spirituality gathering follows a long Christian tradition of “taking time away.” It is an occasion for women to come and rest for a while in a quiet place away from their daily pre-occupations. In an atmosphere of openness, freedom and love, women gather to explore facets of spirituality, theology, and worship. …
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The Wisdom Literature

Ambrose University

An exegetical study of the books of Job, Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes. These books will be examined for their contents, theological messages, poetic styles, and settings within the wisdom literature genre in the Ancient Near East as well as their impact on and relevance to contemporary issues. Prerequisite: OT 502 or NT 502 …
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Intercultural Competence

Ambrose University

This course is designed to equip individuals to become more intentional about engaging in intercultural interactions. In the ongoing quest to value “others” and their “otherness,” worldview differences are explored and habits for assessing and reengineering long held values are examined. Approaches for adjusting to and working with individuals with different cultural perspectives are investigated. …
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Biblical Theology of Suffering & Hope

Ambrose University

Suffering is experienced both individually and in communities all over the world. How does Scripture help us to understand the nature of suffering and how to respond to suffering? How is the Christian hope understood in light of suffering? This course will explore how Scripture addresses these questions. Examining the powerful message of the Old …
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Introduction to Greek Exegesis

Ambrose University

This is what is called an “asynchronous” course, meaning that it can be viewed and interacted with at any time during the term. However, consult the course and the person responsible for it, as there may be set assignment times or dates. “BL 522-CL Introduction to Greek Exegesis (3) A continuation of the study of …
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Introduction to Greek II

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Greek II is a continuation of Greek I. The course introduces and immerses the student into Koine Greek grammar and vocabulary that will aid in translating the New Testament. Since this is an asynchronous course, the student is expected to work at their own pace (optimally, at one chapter per week) and submit the assignments …
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Humor, Laughter, Foolishness: Performing Love, Resilience and Resistance

Centre for Christian Studies

To be able to laugh, to have humor and to be foolish are all tremendous forms of resistance, of showing love/compassion and affirming life in a time where depression, anger, sadness and disasters are mounting. This course follows a Christian Russian tradition called Sacred Fools and intends to be a practical-theoretical way of engaging humor, …
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Introduction to World Christianity

Regent College

This course explores the contours and implications of Christianity as a global reality. It will examine some of the rich explosion of scholarship that is now pouring forth on the recent and remarkable world-wide expansion of Christianity, while also putting such growth in a historical and theological perspective. The course readings will draw from mission …
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Image and Word: Theological Reflections on Media and Culture

Regent College

We live in an image-saturated society—“an empire of signs”—in which discerning the difference between truth and illusion, fantasy and reality, is becoming an ever more difficult task. As communications media and powerful computer technologies converge, and invade and define ever greater areas of daily life, there are those who would argue that it’s a hopeless, …
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Children & Spiritual Identity

Regent College

The study of children and childhood are now hot topics across a range of academic disciplines including philosophy, anthropology, literature, theology, and history. The historical study of childhood began with Philippe Ariès’s ground-breaking work, L’Enfant et la Vie Familiale sous l’Ancien Régime (1960) (published in English as Centuries of Childhood in 1962), which argued that …
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