Art in a Time of Crisis

Regent College

Discover the vital role of the arts in times of precarity, examining artistic practices born amidst crises. Awaken yourself to the prophetic witness of the arts, asking why so many people turn to the arts during times of struggle. Together we’ll explore the lives and work of artists such as Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, the …
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The Story of Christianity in Canada

Regent College

Dive into the rich history of Christianity in Canada. Get to know its key figures as we track the movement from Protestant and Catholic roots to the rapid secularization of recent decades. Deepen your familiarity with church officials like Bp. Louis-Francois LaFleche and Rev. Nathanael Burwash, preachers Henry Alline and Aimee Semple McPherson, Indigenous leaders …
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How long, O God?: Old Testament Suffering and Life with God

Regent College

The Old Testament is born out of anguish: a lost paradise, slavery and oppression, exile. Trauma and pain shape the reality of Israel’s faith. Yet in this pain, God responds. With that in mind, we’ll explore Old Testament ideas about the human condition with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. We’ll examine the biblical …
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BE161 Introduction to New Testament

College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (The)

In this course, the student will study each of the books found within the New Testament and become familiar with a variety of details about the earliest followers of Christ and their cultural context. What is more, this course is designed to study each of the books of the New Testament in the chronological order …
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Four Short Letters from Paul

Regent College

Discover the immeasurable depths of four of Paul’s shortest letters: Colossians, Philippians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Though brief, these letters have much to offer Christians in our age. See how the Apostle Paul deals with issues that sound almost contemporary and discuss their relevance to today’s headlines. To deepen our understanding of these texts, we’ll …
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Hawking, Dawkins and God: Engaging Christian Theology with Science for Contemporary Mission & Ministry

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course will explore how Christian faith engages some of the big issues of modern science to enable theological reflection, effective apologetics and an exploration of science as gift. This course takes place in two locations: Calgary and Vancouver Students who take the course for audit or credit (1.5) participate in a May 27th Friday …
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Walking with God: Puritan Practices and Spirituality

Regent College

Puritanism was a devotional movement that continually returned to the necessity of a closer walk with God—and consistently taught how to practice that walk. Explore the principles and practices of Puritan spirituality and discover how their spiritual disciplines can deepen and transform your relationship with God today. In-Person, Online & Recorded: This course is being offered …
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Old Testament Foundations

Regent College

This course aims to present an overview of the background and contents of the books that make up the Old Testament, and to offer some reflection on the question of how they are best read together as part of the Christian canon of Scripture, and how they should shape both the Christian life and the …
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Racial Justice and Radical Hospitality: A Biblical Approach

Regent College

Explore hope and expose weakness in the church’s vocation to share God’s radical hospitality to all nations. Gain insight into biblical, practical ways that churches can practice racial justice in their congregation and community. Wrestle with the sin of racism and xenophobia, deal with its past and present reality in our churches, and push on …
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