Open Hands, Willing Hearts (Online)

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Overview Why am I here? What is mine to do? Who am I called to be? If these questions touch something that you are yearning for in your spiritual life, then join us for the refreshment, vitality and deepening in prayer that is made possible because we are together in this expanded form of spiritual …
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The Luminous Gospels

Holy Cross Monastery

This retreat will focus on an exploration of early Christian Wisdom literature, paying particular attention to the Gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip. These three texts came to light in the mid-20th century and give us important insight into the development of early Christianity and the Christian mystical tradition. We’ll look at what they …
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Living with Beauty (E-Course)

Spirituality & Practice

“Beauty is that which glistens on the edges of our yearnings and lures us into the depth of things.” — Patricia Adams Farmer, Embracing a Beautiful God Whether we are contemplating a work of art or the striking form of a red cardinal against a snow laden tree branch, the experience of beauty involves us …
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