Introduction to the Bible Lands

St. George's College Jerusalem

During the course our academic staff and chaplain will enable you to: Explore the Holy Land as Christian pilgrims Visit key biblical sites from the Old and New Testaments Understand better the historical contexts and cultures in which Biblical stories took place. To integrate contextual biblical study with theological and spiritual reflection To encounter the …
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Redevabilité sociale : Stratégies et pratiques

Coady International Institute (The)

Les citoyens ont un droit et une responsabilité de tenir les acteurs étatiques et les autres détenteurs de pouvoir (par exemple, les entreprises, les ONG) responsables des décisions et des actions ayant un impact sur leur vie. En effet, la participation active de citoyens est essentielle pour garantir une bonne gouvernance, qui est à la …
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Sharing Perspectives in Jerusalem

St. George's College Jerusalem

Access to this course is by application only.  Please email registrar [email protected] for information. In Sharing Perspectives, Jews, Christians and Muslims live and journey together as an interfaith community at St. George’s College, Jerusalem. Over eight days the group encounters the land and its people in the past and present, exploring historical, geographical, religious and political …
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Easter In Jerusalem

St. George's College Jerusalem

pend Holy Week and Easter (Western tradition) with us in 2023. The pilgrimage will be tailored to follow the events of the season and will enable the group to participate in church services to mark the days. The pilgrimage will reflect on Orthodox traditions for Easter too. There will be a three-day (two night) excursion …
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Women of the Bible

St. George's College Jerusalem

The Women of the Bible course is a ten day study pilgrimage which offers a reflective spiritual experience visiting the holy sites relating to both the Old and New Testaments highlighting especially the stories of women. Particular course itineraries vary, but typically many of the following places would feature in the schedule. Ein Kerem, the village where …
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Jerusalem Ministry Formation

St. George's College Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Ministry Formation program is a special course designed for people in training for ministry, whether as clergy or lay leaders. The Jerusalem Ministry Formation program is a special course designed for people in training for ministry, whether as clergy or lay leaders. It is both a pilgrimage delving deeply into the places where Christian and Jewish faith is rooted …
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Footsteps of Jesus

St. George's College Jerusalem

Footsteps of Jesus is a 10-day study pilgrimage focusing on the scriptures, sites, and landscapes associated with Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The course roughly follows a chronological arc of the life of Jesus. There are several iterations of this program. Its focus is more devotional than the longer Palestine of Jesus course, while still …
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The Palestine of Jesus

St. George's College Jerusalem

The Palestine of Jesus course lasts for 10-14 days and combines biblical and historical studies with pilgrimage to selected sites connected with Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection. Several dates are offered each year. This course has a greater focus on the historical contexts and cultures in which Jesus exercised his earthly ministry than the shorter Footsteps of …
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Contemplating Earth With Jim Green

World Community for Christian Meditation (The)

We now all know – except those who are strenuously doing their best to deny it – that the Earth is in grave danger. The conditions for human life, even the conditions for life itself, are severely threatened. There have been previous radical shifts of climate as well as catastrophic mass extinctions across the almost …
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Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Wycliffe College

Admissions for September 2020 entry are now open for the following programs! The application deadline is May 31, 2020. Who’s It For? The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is for anyone looking to train for ministry. The master’s degree provides students with theological, personal and vocational formation to serve as leaders in churches, parachurch organizations, the …
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