Power, Politics, and Christendom

Anglican Centre in Rome (The)

  Power, Politics, and Christendom Sunday, 17 November 2019 – Sat, 23 November 2019 How should Christians treat the secular powers? The course presents a critical history of the interaction between Christianity and secular power, examining how economics, politics, war, and theology all contributed to the place of Christianity in the world today. As Christianity, …
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Stages on the Way

Gladstone's Library

Stages on the Way 21st November – 23rd November 2019 An invitation to reflect on the changing perspectives and influences that have shaped why, what and how we believe on our life’s journey. Two ‘liberal’ Christians reflect on their own stages and invite you to join the conversation. Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural …
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Fact into Fiction – A Masterclass with Writer in Residence Sarah Day

Gladstone's Library

Fact into Fiction – A Masterclass with Writer in Residence Sarah Day 24th November – 24th November 2019 10:00 am From historical novels to imagined biographies, writers have always been drawn towards turning fact into fiction. In this masterclass, novelist Sarah Day will help participants turn their own ideas (and perhaps even historical documents) into …
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On Sabbatical: Three-Month Program

Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies Jerusalem

Three Month On Sabbatical: Three-Month Program September 4th – November 29th, 2019.  Education Enrichment weeks to be announced.  The Three-Month program enables the participants the time needed for a more in-depth study of the various topics mentioned in “The Tantur Experience” as more classroom time is given to each topic.  Various other relevant topics are included …
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