Wisdom of Summer Retreat Day

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

A day to reflect upon the wisdom, images, and invitations that Summer offers. This retreat will include group times, time for individual reflection and stillness, a guided contemplative walk on the beautiful property, and a delicious lunch! Optional journaling prompts, prayer stations, and art supplies will also be available. A lovely opportunity to pause and …
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Spiritual Direction Certification Course (7 day intensive)

Haden Institute (The)

TWO 7-DAY INTENSIVES PER YEAR • MENTORS • DISTANCE LEARNING The Haden Institute at Mount Carmel (Niagara Falls, ON) is a haven for seekers. We teach Spiritual Direction and we offer our participants a place and space for developing a robust relationship with their unconscious.Lectures, small group work, creative embodiment practices all lead toaccessing the …
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CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: Contemplative Foundations for Emerging Leaders

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Overview A program to nurture the spiritual life and strengthen the contemplative foundation of those who sense their grounding in God and want support/mentoring as they seek to cross the threshold to claim their call to leadership and all of life, living from this contemplative foundation. Crossing the Threshold is for those who are between …
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Dream Work Training

Haden Institute (The)

Dreams have a long history of being regarded as divine messages in almost every religious tradition. At the Haden Institute we use the foundational psychological concepts of Carl Jung to teach that dreams can hold the key to greater health and wholeness. The Dream Work Training teaches that working with our dreams opens a communication channel …
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Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats Program

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Join a free conference call to discern about the rightness of this program for you. Sign up for a call on Wednesday, October 20 at 4:00pm ET or on Tuesday, November 9 at 7:00pm ET. Apply Now! Overview Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats is designed to equip, encourage and support those called to …
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Contemplating Earth With Jim Green

World Community for Christian Meditation (The)

We now all know – except those who are strenuously doing their best to deny it – that the Earth is in grave danger. The conditions for human life, even the conditions for life itself, are severely threatened. There have been previous radical shifts of climate as well as catastrophic mass extinctions across the almost …
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Intentional Community Setting for Sabbaticals, etc

Crieff Hills Retreat Centre

Crieff Hills offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an extended opportunity of rest and renewal. Ruth House is now the home of an intentional Christian community where residents may live for three, six or twelve months sharing a healthy rhythm of worship, work and rest. This comfortable home has a full kitchen, living room, …
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Consumed: A Sacred Quest

Renovaré Canada

Our spirituality is who we are, and our spiritual journey is as long as the days of our lives. At the end of our lives, each of us will have spent it on something; something will have consumed us. As christians, we hope to be consumed by christ, or, as the apostle paul states, “to …
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Programs at Restoring Connections

Restoring Connections (formerly the Center for Spirituality at Work)

Currently there is no single page that lists all of their courses, however the Programs menu item lists everything, and the home page gives a quick overview.

List of Courses and Programs

Luther Seminary

This page should have the list of currently available offerings, both courses in person and downloadable series.