Courses for Spring and Summer Sessions, 2022

Regent College

This page has a full listing of all the courses Regent is offering during their Spring and Summer Sessions. All are expected to be available online, unless there is a travel component. The ones that are of particular interest for Continuing Education are also listed in this database.

Seeking Transformation–A Retreat for Christians Settlers

Five Oaks Centre

This embodied retreat provides an opportunity for Christian Settlers to confront the longstanding history of European Christians/Christianity harming Indigenous peoples, exemplified in Church participation in Residential Schools, and then to envision and work towards a different future. The retreat demonstrates that the founding of Residential Schools and settler colonialism itself exposed the colonization of our …
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World Missional Initiative Conference: Missional Leadership in a Time of Disruption

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Registration is underway for our WMI Conference and W. Don McClure Lecture to be held on Oct. 7-8, 2022. If you have not registered yet for this amazing free opportunity for learning and conversation about missional leadership amidst the disruption, then we encourage you to not wait. We’ll cover questions like: “What does it mean …
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Violence, War, and Christian Peacemaking

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Jesus is clear that it is the peacemakers who are blessed, and this is what his disciples are to be. But Christians have disagreed for centuries as to just what it means to be a peacemaker. Does it mean that Christians are obligated to refuse the use of all violence? Does it allow for participation …
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Make Me an Instrument of Peace: Civil Discourse Training

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Civil discourse is a critical part of engaging in our civic life together, as it can help us to bridge partisan political divides, learn from one another, and create better solutions to the problems in our communities. But what is civil discourse? Is it different from civility? Based on the online class created by The …
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The Parables

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

The course explores the parables of Jesus in their historical, cultural, and literary contexts. A close study of specific parables will determine the embedded theological themes, ethical lessons, codifications for social reconstruction, and the significance of the parabolic discourse for the Church and society today. I am thrilled to be the instructor for the course …
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Theology, Justice & Intersectionality

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This class  will provide students with an introduction to intersectionality as a tool for social analysis and critical theological reflection, as a way to inform liberative praxis in various ministry and community contexts. We will engage questions and discussions of race, class, gender, and sexuality as they are treated theologically, emphasizing works from U.S. scholars …
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Faith in the Future Talks

Virginia Theological Seminary

This event is brought to you by the TryTank Experimental Lab in the department of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary What is the church of the future? Will church—as we know it—even exist? Author and noted futurist Bob Johansen, a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future, will join a small audience from around the church to …
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The Art of Death and Theology of Hope

Regent College

Can art prepare Christians to face death with hope? In this course, we will identify key works of art and theological texts that depict suffering and death, exploring how they grapple with these realities, and come to appreciate how art may spiritually form us towards Christian hope. Artistic reflections will centre on paintings, medieval woodcuts, …
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Christian Thought and Culture I

Regent College

This course and its partner, CTC II, are organized around the theme of “Christian Humanism.” Christian Humanism is our name for an integrative, Christ-centred approach to human identity and world-engagement that flows directly from the gospel and its interpretation in the early church. “God became human so that we could become fully human by becoming …
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