Emotional Intelligence in Tumultuous Times

Luther Seminary

We’re dealing with a pandemic, climate change, and an economic crisis. The names of Black Americans killed by police officers have once again become rallying cries for justice. A presidential election has highlighted just how divided our nation is. After everything that has happened this year, you may have found yourself becoming emotionally disconnected – …
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Spiritual Memoir: Where a Life Meets Mystery

Episcopal House of Prayer (The)

Join Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew for a weekend introduction to the art and spiritual practice of writing memoir. What is memoir, and how is it different from autobiography? What makes memoir spiritual? How can the practice of writing memoir, either for an audience or for no audience, support spiritual growth? Using writing exercises and readings from …
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Spiritual Writing: Formation through Words

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

A Spiritual Formation Elective DATES Jan. 11 – Feb. 14, 2021 OVERVIEW This class will ask what, if anything, can make nonfiction writing “spiritual.” You will read selections from essays and memoirs in the spiritual writing genre and try composing your own versions of this material. How can we write about something so personal and …
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Signs, Symbols, and Sacred Spaces

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

OVERVIEW As we have redefined our worship spaces this past year, the implications of “sacred space” have become more important than ever before. For many worshipers, “going to church” no longer involves chancels or stained glass. Instead, computers and couches have transformed into pulpits and pews. We have been forced to recreate our sacred space in unexpected places. But what makes a space sacred? In our time …
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Seeing and Believing: The Visual Arts in Christian Life and Ministry

Virginia Theological Seminary

“When Christians lost the power of art, they impoverished the church, they impoverished worship, and they lost one of the most powerful means of calling souls to God.” -Dana Gioia While the visual arts have served as a powerful resource for the church in past centuries, today they are often overlooked. In this course we …
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eFormation Cohort: Taking Your Online Ministry to the Next Level

Virginia Theological Seminary

5-week online cohort on using digital technologies more intentionally for online ministry. About this Event The eFormation learning community is offering a 5-week online cohort for those digital leaders who seek a deeper understanding of the technologies frequently used for online ministry. The weekly sessions will be 90-minutes, focused on reflection, presenting new information and …
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The Spirituality of the Book of Kells

Sisterhood of St. John the Divine (The) (SSJD)

Our most frequent expression of faith employs words. In contrast, in the Middle Ages, most people’s knowledge of Scripture was oral and visual rather than written. In Celtic Christianity the creative arts stood at the centre of church activity, not at its margins. Art was an act of worship. Gospel books such as the Book …
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Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Virginia Theological Seminary

What would it be like to write just for you and God? Deepen your awareness of the holy in everyday life, and explore new ways that writing can enhance the life of the spirit. Through weekly prompts, workshops, and invitations to write both in and outside of class, participants will be invited to explore ways …
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Winter 2021 Transformational Coaching Session

New Leaf Network

Lead From Transformation in partnership with New Leaf Network invites you to explore Transformational Coaching. Transformational Coaching is a 9-week online experience that equips you with coaching skills and practices while giving you transformational tools so you can better coach and lead from your own transformation. Transformational Coaching started in 2016 and has trained close …
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Sacred Texts & Oral Traditions

Vancouver School Of Theology

Code: IPT5/712 Dates: January 18, 2021 – April 9, 2021 on Thursdays Time: 2:00 pm for 3 Hours Purpose: An introduction to sacred scripture and oral narrative in four traditions: Tanakh in Judaism, New Testament in Christianity, Qur’an in Islam, and Oral Stories in Indigenous Traditions. For each tradition, we will become acquainted with content, …
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