Wisdom of Summer Retreat Day

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

A day to reflect upon the wisdom, images, and invitations that Summer offers. This retreat will include group times, time for individual reflection and stillness, a guided contemplative walk on the beautiful property, and a delicious lunch! Optional journaling prompts, prayer stations, and art supplies will also be available. A lovely opportunity to pause and …
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Finding God in the Everyday

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Do you feel like you can’t find God? What if he is waiting for you right where you are? The most amazing thing happens when we decide to search for God in the everyday. We find Him in the most unexpected places. God is always there, waiting for us to seek Him. In this Workshop …
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Master of Arts (M.A.)

McGill School of Religious Studies

The purpose of the M.A. (thesis) degree is to encourage advanced study and research in one of the disciplines of religious studies for those who wish to become scholars or teachers, or will be engaged in some field of religious or public service. The M.A. without thesis is intended to ensure a student’s well rounded exposure to several religions …
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Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.)

McGill School of Religious Studies

Non-Thesis (45 credits) ATS Accreditation: The S.T.M. program is approved by the Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and Canada. The normal requirement is 2 years (of 2 terms each) of full-time study. Students are permitted to take the S.T.M. over a period of 12 full months (three terms) but must first meet with …
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Marc Chagall Paints the Bible

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Presenter:  Fr. Craig E. Morrison, O.Carm. Born into poverty in Belarus, Marc Chagall endured a most turbulent time with the violent collapse of czarist Russia and two world wars.  In 1941, he and his wife, Bella, fled for their lives to New York escaping the Shoah while carrying with them the White Crucifixion (a Chagall …
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Ministry from the Inside Out

Credence and Co.

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener.” (William O’Brien) Is this true? If it is, it could be read to say, “The success of a church depends on the interior condition of its leadership.” How are we as leaders (whether paid or lay) – attending to our interior journeys …
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Transforming Power, Prejudice and Privilege

Credence and Co.

Facilitator(s): Betty Pries and Cayla Charles Recognizing that our social structures and personal biases can get in the way of commitment to respecting our colleagues and community members, this interactive workshop will engage themes of prejudice, power, and privilege in a manner that honours all voices in the room while also challenging the biases and …
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Seeking Transformation–A Retreat for Christians Settlers

Five Oaks Centre

This embodied retreat provides an opportunity for Christian Settlers to confront the longstanding history of European Christians/Christianity harming Indigenous peoples, exemplified in Church participation in Residential Schools, and then to envision and work towards a different future. The retreat demonstrates that the founding of Residential Schools and settler colonialism itself exposed the colonization of our …
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Understanding Conflict Foundations

Credence and Co.

Facilitator: Paul Okoye This highly interactive and educational workshop invites you to consider the building blocks that create conflict and those that assist or detract in conflict’s resolution. The workshop includes reflection, conversation, and exercises as conflicts are studied and models for addressing conflicts are considered. Significant time will be given to skill building for …
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Understanding Conflict Advanced

Credence and Co.

Facilitator: Betty Pries This workshop uses the two lenses of conflict drivers and conflict paradoxes and considers seemingly intractable conflicts and their transformation. Questions for consideration include the nature of intractability, de-escalation strategies, transforming intractable conflicts, and engaging emotions. This workshop builds on Understanding Conflict: Foundations. It is highly interactive, insightful, engaging, and critical for all …
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