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Washington National Cathedral
Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues, NW
Washington D.C. 20016-5098 , USA
Washington National Cathedral/Cathedral College
3510 Woodley Road NW
Washington, DC 20016 , United States
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo N2L 3C5 , ON , Canada
Wesley Ministry Network
4500 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016 , USA
Westar Institute
PO Box 7268
Santa Rosa CA 95407 , USA
Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing
420 N. Cleveland Street
Memphis, TN 38104 , USA
Westminster Abbey
The Chapter Office 20 Dean's Yard Westminster Abbey
London SW1P 3PA , UK
Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, N2L 3C5 , ON , Canada
William Temple Foundation (The)
Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Chester. Parkgate Road
Chester, CH1 4BJ , UK
Wisdom Centre
St. Laurence Anglican Church, 5940 Lakeview Dr. SW
Calgary T3E 5S8 , AB , Canada
Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada
394 Bloor Street West, Suite 201
Toronto M5S 1X4 , ON , Canada
Woodstock Theological Center
Georgetown University PO Box 571137
Washington DC 20057-1137 , USA
Word and World
P.O. Box 1623
Greensboro, NC 27402-1623 , USA
Word Guild (The)
P.O. Box 28087
Waterloo N2L 6J8 , ON , Canada
World Association for Christian Communication
308 Main Street
Toronto M4C 4X7 , ON , Canada
World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People
Online Website , International
World Community for Christian Meditation (The)
The International Centre St. Mark's, Myddelton Square
London EC1R 1XX , England, UK
World Council of Churches
PO Box 2100
CH 1211 Geneva 2 , Switzerland
World Council of Churches (Bossey Library)
Bossey Ecumenical Institute Library2, chemin Cheneviere Bogis Bossey
1298 Celigny , Switzerland
World Council of Churches (Geneva Library)
Ecumenical Centre Library 150 route de Ferney PO Box 2100
1211 Geneva 2/ , Switzerland
World Student Christian Federation
World Student Christian Federation, Inter-Regional Office, Ecumenical Centre
5 route des Morillons, P.O. Box 2100 , CH 1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland
Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada
4316-10 St. N.E.
Calgary AB T2E 6K3 , Canada
Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA
11221 John Wycliffe Blvd. PO Box 628200
Orland FL 32832 , USA
Wycliffe College
5 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto M5S 1H7 , ON , Canada
Yale Divinity School
409 Prospect St
New Haven CT 06511 , USA
Yale Institute of Sacred Music
409 Prospect Street
New Haven, Connecticut , USA
Online Website , International