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Compass Rose Society:

The Compass Rose Society is a charitable organization that supports the programs and ministries of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council.

This is accomplished by raising funds for ministry, by designating contributions for mission projects, and by building a community of individuals and parishes who support these missions and ministries.

Each October or November, we meet in London for our annual meeting and we undertake mission trips to Anglican provinces and dioceses throughout the world.

Mission Trips:

Each year, members of the Compass Rose Society are invited to make mission trips to Dioceses and Provinces throughout the Anglican world.

Field mission sites are selected by the Board of the Compass Rose Society, based on an invitation from the bishops of the dioceses to be visited.

The dioceses chosen are often considerable under stress: from poverty, repression from a political regime, or pressure from a hostile culture or religion.

These trips are not holidays nor tourist jaunts: the visits to Cuba, Nigeria, China, and Tanzania were physically challenging and travel was under some difficult circumstances. But the rewards are many and great: we are in communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ, learning from them, staying in their homes, eating meals together, giving them encouragement and assistance.

Quick Facts...

About the Compass Rose Society

Had its beginnings in a 1994 meeting hosted by the Archbishop of cantebury at Old Palace, his Canterbury residence

Has quickly grown from 25 to 170 members in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Uruguay, and Japan

Expects the creation of other national Societies, each a contributing member to the international organization

Annually commits $400,000 US to the Anglican Consultative Council which has these major responsibilites:

Communications - telling stories of vision, obstacles overcome and those yet to be, crises desperate to be met, but also of hope and faith, of triumph over oppression

Mission/Evangelism - going into the world to teach, to care for the sick, to encourage the hopeless

Ecumenical Relations - encouraging other Churches to a common endeavour, each bringing gifts and talents

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