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Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Who We Are:

We are Indigenous Peoples of Canada who have chosen to be partners in the worldwide Anglican Communion and the universal church. Our members come from the four directions ... from the many First Nations who inhabit this land, even to the furthermost corners, and including the Inuit of the Arctic regions, the M├ętis and others of mixed heritage.

We proclaim and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in worship and action. But through the Grace of Jesus Christ we also affirm our traditional spirituality and our place in God's Creation. We know that Christ has come to fulfill our own traditions too.

Our life with the Anglican Church is changing as we all seek to work together in partnership.

We have had the residential schools, which tore us from home and suppressed our traditions, our languages, our relationship with the land and the Creator -- our very identities.

Yet there have been times, too, when the churches have been our best support in the Canadian society -- against those who coveted our land, who would see the death of our language and culture.

We are in this together, and we will continue to journey together ... guided by the Holy Spirit ... seeking the healing of our relationships and ways of being who we are ... both fully Christian and fully Aboriginal.

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Further resources:

A number of award-winning videos have been produced for the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples to be used in parish studies. Search For Healing, The Healing Circle, Dancing The Dream, The Seventh Fire and A journey begins... with a dream

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