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The Associated Parishes For Liturgy And Mission:

Our work:

We are a network of Anglicans in North America, established in 1946 to promote liturgical renewal in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of canada. We also work ecumenically for the renewal of worship and mission in other churches. We develop and promote church practices joining the mission of the church and the regular gathering of the church community for worship so that liturgy shapes, defines, and empowers mission and mission liturgy.

What is APLM?

The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission is an association of people in the Episcopal Church of the USA, the Anglican Church of Canada, and sister churches who share a passion for liturgy that is well done, appropriate to the culture and context, and revelatory of God's lively mission in the world. It was founded in 1946 out of a deep frustration that Morning Prayer was none of these things. The Council of Associated Parishes functions as a kind of "liturgical think tank", studying, imagining, and sharing our experiences of different expressions of liturgy.

What has it accomplished?

Members of APLM played a major role in drafting and promoting the Book of Common Prayer in ECUSA, and the Book of Alternative Services in Canada. We have championed the centrality of baptism as the foundation for Christian ministry, the primacy of the Eucharist in Christian worshp and parish life, the restoration of the catechumenate, the place of the distinctive diaconate in ordained ministry, the use of expansive language in reference to God and human beings.

How does "AP" relate to the church?

We are an association of Christians, mostly from the Episcopalian/Anglican tradition in Canada and the US, along with some Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and others who share our vision. Our members hold a variety of positions in our respective churches, but we are not an "offical organization" of ECUSA or the Anglican Church of Canada.


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