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Julie Burn: Continuing Education Testimonial – Leadership and Management in Non-Profits at Wycliffe College

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I am responding to the request to provide a testimonial about the course I took in the summer.
I found the course – Leadership and Management in Non-Profits at Wycliffe College – to be invaluable. In particular, the conversations around the characteristics of effective teams, leading teams and volunteers, the importance of working through conflict are very relevant to my day to day work. I also appreciated being in a group of motivated students from the not-for-profit sector, TST students and others in full-time ministry. I learned so much just listening to them. The course is taught with an understanding of different learning style – so we didn’t just sit and write down what the instructors lectured at us. In addition, the required reading for the course has been thought provoking. I would recommend this course serving in ministry today.
Julie Burn
 E-mail:  August 19, 2015

Testimonial to value of continuing education retreats

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Testimonial: The Reverend Canon Joseph  Asselin, St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church, Oakville, ON


For the past 15 years now I have taken an extended retreat at the  Anglican/Episcopal monastery of the Society of St John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Without exaggeration this time of prayer, silence, worship, meditation and community with the brothers, has kept me in parish ministry. The continuing education money provided makes this possible and I would encourage all of  my colleagues to consider this as a possible retreat and continuing education experience. Canadians are warmly welcomed at the monastery and people can take either a directed retreat, a programmed retreat (with a theme and speakers) or enter into a self directed retreat. Visit: for more information. Thanks to the funders of our continuing education fund for investing into the growth and wellness  of clergy like myself!


E-mail, May 29, 2015

Retreat a time of discernment for future ministry of healing

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(Continuing Education Plan Testimonial)

By The Rev. Rita Harrison

This past summer, I spent eight days on private retreat at Heart’s Rest in New Denver, BC.  During this time, I worked with Therese DesCamp to develop my understanding, skills and appreciation for the healing ministry of the Church.  Through our conversation, reading and prayer, I furthered my discernment about my parish’s call to a ministry of healing prayer.  As a consequence of the continuing education time, I have begun to plan a long-term strategy for a healing ministry in our parish, with the goal of beginning to train a team early in 2012.

The Rev. Rita Harrison
All Saints Anglican Church, DIocese of Kootenay
Vernon, BC

Technology upgrade assists ministry

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By Ian Chadwick

Acquisition of a modern lap-top with the associated software to access portable and local wi-fi hi-speed internet (and e-mail)  is a relief after suffering too long with the parish’s dial-up system.

They say that dial-up’s days are almost over, and I suppose the parish would be wise to wait until then to buy a new office computer.

In the meantime the notepad/laptop, (and rocket stick), bought with the serious help of the Continuing Education Plan is speeding things up and allowing me much greater flexibility in where and when I can work.

It is now a pleasure to stream through the church’s e-mail and to access the internet…….and to do all those other things to which we are called.

Thank you for the prompt and positive response to my application for assistance from the Continuing Education Plan. It is very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Chadwick, Rector of St. Alban’s, Beamsville.

Continuing education course of assistance in parish ministry (Testimonial)

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By Jeanette Lewis

I took a course offered at Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo on June 14-16, 2011 called Spiritual Leadership with speaker Graham Standish.

It was based on several of his books published by the Alban Institute, one of which was Becoming a Blessed Church. It was because of this book that I took the course as the parish that I serve had used it to begin the process of working towards discerning God’s path for us.

We have moved on to utilizing NCD however are not sure that this will work for us so wanted to take the course so that if we decided to utilize the book and the direction that it was taking us I had more information.

I found that he was a very dynamic speaker, wasn’t sure that the forum he used which was all lecture was the best. It led to a lot of specific questions from folks about their specific problems and a lot of time spent dealing with them in front of the whole group. Might have been better or more advantageous for more folks if we had small groups formed and worked on things in them. His style is definitely lecture though.

I don’t regret taking the course, I did come away with some stuff that I think the parish will be able to use no matter what course we decide to take.

God bless

The Rev Jeanette Lewis
Anglican Parish of Bobcaygeon, Dunsford & Burnt River

Week-long conference in Minneapolis called the “Festival of Homiletics” was inspiring (Testimonial) By John Wilton

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By John Wilton

I attended a week-long conference in Minneapolis called the “Festival of Homiletics”.  It was inspiring.  We heard from famous mainline preachers from around North America with insightful and inspiring sermons as well as lectures about preaching.  I think this will keep me going for years with its inspiration, challenge, encouragement and networking.  I really appreciate the opportunity to attend this conference.

John Wilton+
Diocese of Toronto

Bishops’ Spiritual Retreat for Clergy at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario (Testimonial) By Ian Chadwick

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By Ian Chadwick

The subject retreat ran from Sunday, February 27th. to Wednesday, March 2nd. 2011. It was held at the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario. I attended, as has been my habit for several years. I subsequently claimed, and was reimbursed, 80% of the $325 cost.

It was, essentially, a pre-lenten retreat, and even though it was not billed as such this year, that is how I used it. The architecture at Mount Carmel is monastic but the atmosphere is very much one of hospitality. In the same way, the Lutheran community, with their natural discipline, are nevertheless truly welcoming to their Anglican partners. The retreat is therefore quietly intense and cheerfully relaxed.

This year the Spiritual Direction came from Bishop Susan Johnson and Archbishop Fred Hiltz with assistance from Bishop Walter Asbil. The theme of their reflections was “O Blessed Communion” through which they variously threaded ideas on spiritual renewal, more rigorous discipleship, and our clergy relationships………and suggestions as to how these elements might best be reinforced and expressed.

I took notes and found later that I was drawn back to them repeatedly during the Lenten exercises I prepared in my Parish. Too often the day-to-day busyness of the church denies us the time to open our minds to new ideas and our repertoire becomes stale. Listening to the Bishops and hearing my colleagues react to what we had heard provided a rich source of fresh thoughts; which I very much appreciated. The people in the parish seemed to appreciate it too.

Unfortunately, parish obligations called me away from the retreat to two weekday morning services and the fact of two funerals on the Thursday and Friday of that week (and the necessity of meeting with one of the families on the Monday evening) caused some considerable disruption to my retreat time. But that’s how it is. Nevertheless, the retreat again proved to be essential preparation for Lent; and I am grateful for the time I was allowed.

Yours faithfully,
Ian Chadwick, Rector at St. Alban’s, Beamsville.