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Anglican-Lutheran National Worship Conference begins

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From July 18 to 23, Edmonton will host more than 200 Anglicans and Lutherans passionate about worship for a time of fellowship and learning at the National Worship Conference and related events.

A pre-conference symposium with David Cherwien, an internationally acclaimed organist, conductor, and composer, will give participants the opportunity for personalized feedback and features an organ crawl of some of Edmonton’s best pipe organs.

Other pre-conference events include opportunity to hear well-known preachers throughout the Edmonton area and a workshop on singing, storytelling, and sharing the faith.

Notable conference speakers include the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers, who will deliver a keynote on the intersection of liturgy and mission and the Rev. Paul Fromberg, an active participant in emergent church conversations, who will offer workshop and worship leadership.

The gathering ends with an optional post-conference workshop on Anglican Church of Canada trial use liturgies.

For more information about the NWC, please visit

For updates from Edmonton throughout the week, you can connect with the NWC via Facebook and on Twitter. The conference hashtag for all social media is #nwc2014.

“Weaving Strands: Liturgy for Living” is the seventh joint Anglican Church of Canada and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada worship conference. The biennial gathering is originally an ELCIC initiative, but has been celebrated conjointly since 2004. This year marks the most significant Anglican presence to date.


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, July 18, 2014

Keeping Anglicans Talking: New video resources on stewardship, giving, and mission (Resources)

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Erin Green

Keeping Anglicans Talking (KAT) is a new online video resource featuring short, compelling talks by notable Anglicans. Each talk touches on a different aspect of how Anglicans are living out the Marks of Mission locally and globally.

The first round of ten videos is now live at the KAT website and focusses on stewardship, giving, and mission.

The videos can be used individually or in a series as a resource for groups and parishes. Each video is accompanied by a short introductory description that can be used for promotional purposes or to help you decide how and when to use each KAT message in your ministries.

Please visit to watch and share the following videos:

“Solomon Islands” with Archbishop Fred Hiltz 
“Ministry to Migrant Workers from Mexico” with the Rev. Canon Ted McCollum 
“Spreading Some Juicy Gossip” with Suzanne Lawson
“Hospitality and Resources” with the Rev. Greg Carpenter 
“Gift Planning Makes a Difference” with the Ven. John Robertson
“Looking Forward” with the Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald 
“The Power of Giving” with Monica Patten
“Consumption” with the Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson
“How I stopped worrying and learned to trust God” with the Rev. Susan Spicer 
“Building Relationships, Transforming Communities” with the Rev. Helena-Rose Houldcroft

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Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, July 4, 2014


New Resource for Reconciliation Indigenous Peoples and the Anglican Church in Canada: Timeline of an Evolving Relationship

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At the seventh and final national event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Anglican Church of Canada offered as its expression of reconciliation a full colour timeline, “Indigenous Peoples and the Anglican Church in Canada.”

This detailed and beautiful resource is now available for everyone in the church to study and enjoy.

The timeline shows in words and pictures the evolving relationship between Indigenous peoples and settlers to Canada.  Through more than 500 years of history, the timeline invites you and your parish to learn more about our shared history of colonization and how this impacts ongoing work for truth, healing, and reconciliation.

The idea for this new resource for reconciliation came from Esther Wesley, coordinator for the Anglican Fund for Healing and Reconciliation. Wesley saw the timeline as an opportunity to celebrate the resiliency of Indigenous people, including the many residential school survivors who went on to love and serve the Anglican Church of Canada.

It is also an opportunity to weave together strands of Indigenous history and the story of our church on these lands. “It’s our history together. People should know that we do have a history together – we’re not walking on a separate path,” says Wesley.

To order, please email One copy per parish will be made available at no cost, upon request and while supplies last.  The timeline measures 52 cm by 203 cm (21 inches by 80 inches) and folds to letter-sized.

Digital copies (PDF) are also available for download and distribution. Please visit the timeline webpage to download. 


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, May 30, 2014

Celebrating the Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh

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On June 1, 2014 the Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh came into being. The creation of this new diocese marks a major milestone in the journey of establishing of a self-determining, self-sustaining Indigenous church within the Anglican Church of Canada. The new encompasses over twenty-five First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario and Northern Manitoba.

The church is invited to continue in this celebration and support the ministries and people of Mishamokweesh. News items, beautiful and insightful videos, and photographs from the Kingfisher Lake, Ontario celebrations are all housed on the Anglican Church of Canada’s website.

For those who use Facebook, the Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh is happy to connect with their friends on a fan page. Connect with the diocese there for up-to-date stories, photos, and events.


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, 10/06/2014

The Turtle Island Consultation on Pastoral Care for Suicide in Indigenous Communities

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The Turtle Island Consultation on Pastoral Care for Suicide in Indigenous Communities

June 19-22, 2014

St. Peter’s Anglican Church Six Nations


The Office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, Anglican Church of Canada and the Indigenous Theological Training Institute of North America are partnering to bring Indigenous experts together to help create a resource for providing pastoral care in time of suicide. This resource for use by clergy and lay leaders is needed not only so we can “say the right thing,” but it can also be a prevention measure. We will look at ways to comfort those affected by the suicide within the context of our traditional teachings/values and ceremonies. What is already in our cultures that could bring peace, i.e., talking circles, smudging, elder’s wisdom, traditional dance and singing, etc. It is also important for us to understand the history of suicide in our various cultures; there are some cultures that look at suicide as being an honorable death in certain situations. We will also look at what the bible says about suicide and ask ourselves, “what would Jesus say about suicide, what would he have said about Judas’ suicide? The liturgy we use and what we allow to be used can make a big difference in the healing.

The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, will gather all in a circle of love and prayer and put the Gospel in the center of the sacred circle. All who come will be there because they are the right people to be there. We will talk, we will sing, we will pray, we will cry and we will laugh. Space for participation is limited but all are encouraged to pray for this very important consultation. All will be lodged at the Bear’s Inn Bed and Breakfast, a very comfortable First Nation owned business. The “Ladies of the Parishes of the Six Nation’s” will provide lunch and dinner.

Six Nations is home to four active Anglican parishes. The Mohawks have a long history of being Anglican that began in the early 1700’s in the Mohawk River valley of New York State. It is the largest First Nation in Canada with approximately 24,000 members. It is a place where millionaires live with poverty, there are mansions and there are old cabins. There are many businesses, and with the exception of the two banks, all are First Nation owned. And, of course, there are the socio-economic problems that are present in other First Nations communities.

At the International Gathering of Indigenous Urban Ministry, the Rt. Rev. Steve Charleston, former bishop of Alaska, told the group that suicide is a big problem in both the United States and Canada and that we needed to work together. We will come together with our hearts and minds to see what better life we can make for our people and the Seventh Generation not yet born.

For more information on this important gathering, please contact the Rev. Canon Ginny Doctor, Indigenous Ministries Coordinator, at 416.924.9199×626 or


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, June 9, 2014

Celebrate World Environment Day with downloadable poster from Creation Matters

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Creation Matters, the environmental working group of the Anglican Church of Canada, is happy to share a brand new resource to help people and parishes live out the Fifth Mark of Mission. In vibrant full-colour, the poster shows a number of everyday ways to “safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.”

The poster is available in two formats and can be customized to feature parish logos and websites.

To download PDF or Word versions of the poster, please visit the Creation Matters webpage.

To customize the poster for your parish, please email Henriette Thompson, Director, Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice, with your logo and website link.

The Anglican Communion Environmental Network has also released two short resources on this World Environment Day. Please click here for photos of changing seascapes from vulnerable Pacific island states and for a theological reflection from Bishop Terry Brown, former Bishop of Malaita in the Church of Melanesia.

The ACEN works to give more visibility to environmental issues across the Anglican Communion and coordinate work carried out for this sake. You can learn more about the ACEN by visiting their website.


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, June 5, 2014

Now Online: Submissions to the Commission on the Marriage Canon

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By General Synod Communications


In 2013 the General Synod passed the following resolution: That this General Synod direct the Council of General Synod to prepare and present a motion at General Synod 2016 to change Canon XXI on Marriage to allow the marriage of same sex couples in the same way as opposite sex couples, and that this motion should include a conscience clause so that no member of the clergy, bishop, congregation or diocese should be constrained to participate in or authorize such marriages against the dictates of their conscience.

This motion will also include supporting documentation that:
a) demonstrates broad consultation in its preparation;
b) explains how this motion does not contravene the Solemn Declaration;
c) confirms immunity under civil law and the Human Rights Code for those bishops,
dioceses and priests who refuse to participate in or authorize the marriage of
same-sex couples on the basis of conscience;
d) provides a biblical and theological rationale for this change in teaching on the
nature of Christian marriage.

In seeking to fulfill its mandate to demonstrate a “broad consultation,” the Commission on the Marriage Canon has invited submissions from members of the Anglican Church of Canada. To ensure the credibility of the Commission and the transparency of its work, all submissions will be posted on the national church’s website.

To date, the Commission has received a number of submissions, which are now available online.

To learn more about preparing and submitting your contribution to the commission, please click here.


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, May 217, 2014

Sea Sunday 2014

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The Mission to Seafarers: Canada



Sea Sunday
July 13, 2014



Please pray for seafarers and the work of the Mission to Seafarers



For more information:

Greening Sacred Spaces: Call for Building Audit Applications

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By General Synod Communicatons

Do you want to make your church building a safer and more hospitable space for worship and fellowship? Are drafty windows and leaking taps drawing time and money away from mission and outreach? Does your parish need support in reducing ecological footprints and improving sustainability? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Creation Matters has an affordable and effective program to help get you started.

Creation Matters, the environmental working group of the Anglican Church of Canada, is partnering with Greening Sacred Spaces, a service offered through Faith & the Common Good, to offer Green Building Audits. These audits help faith communities reduce environmental impact and find simple, cost-effective measures to significantly improve building sustainability. Changes made as a result of green audits often have quick return on investment given savings on heating, electricity, and water usage.

The Green Building Audit is competitively priced on a sliding scale, beginning at $800 and moving up with the size and complexity of the building in question. The Subsidized Green Building Audit program makes this service more accessible to parishes. Successful applicants will receive grants for up to two-thirds of the cost of a Green Building Audit, to a maximum of $1,000 based on building size.

Parishes selected must agree to host a public information seminar with Greening Sacred Spaces on energy efficiency by the end of 2014. Additionally, parishes selected for grants must agree to provide one year’s worth of energy consumption data to Greening Sacred Spaces. This data helps parishes measure performance improvements year over year and track energy consumption as well as costs.

To apply for this program, please complete the attached Green Building Audit Support Application Form, and submit it to Greening Sacred Spaces by June 30, 2014. Recipients will be selected by July 9, 2014 and audits scheduled for the fall of 2014.The number of grants awarded depends on the number of applications received and the size of buildings involved.

If you have any questions about this program or the application, please contact Stephen Collette at or (705) 652 5159.

Faith and the Common Good is an interfaith organization that helps faith communities make connections between their faith and care for the environment. Greening Sacred Spaces is the main program that Faith and the Common Good uses to help communities make environmental changes in their place of worship.


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, May 23, 2014                       


Proud to Protect Refugees

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The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) supports the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign as a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR). Show your support June 16-22 by joining communities from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland who will be walking to put refugees’ voices up front and to change the conversation about refugees in Canada.


The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) e-newsletter,  May 21, 2014